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The trucking ecosystem that aims to make the truck life significantly longer.

Commercial vehicles work under extremely high stress levels. They carry loads to the immediate neighborhoods as also long distances across the country putting them continuously on roads under trying conditions. They need the support system precisely for this reason which does not just include the availability of a road-side technician but also the timely availability of spares and components to bring down the costly downtimes that are a result of rapid wear-and-tear of the running parts.

Designed with complete support in mind, Trukor is an excellent platform for the trucking community with a wide variety of brands to choose from genuine and after-market companies for trucks, trailers and buses.

Proudly Serving All Brands

We have a large catalogue of truck parts that features high-quality images with the ability to zoom in on each product. We describe in detail the description and pricing for each product with shipping options. You can also read our articles to engage with us for each product and service.

  • Ashok Leyland
  • Bharat Benz
  • Bosch
  • Eicher
  • Gabriel
  • Hilux
  • LUK
  • Mahindra
  • Motherson
  • RANE
  • TATA
  • TVS
  • Valeo
  • Volvo
  • Wabco

Auto Services

Free diagnostics and brake checks at Trukor gives you a fast turnaround time. Same day service and repairs at affordable prices is a treat when compared with our competitors.


Trusted Mechanics and Parts on our platform

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have certified mechanics in specific areas of truck repair and maintenance. The availability of genuine parts and consumables brings down the costly downtime of your vehicle. This is not only good for your truck, it also shows our commitment towards your fleet upkeep by providing quality maintenance by hiring mechanics that have completed specific sets of rigorous training on job.

We offer high quality services rendered by trained mechanics and back up all our work 100%. Our affordable pricing beats our competitors at all times.

For the owners of brand-new trucks, it is recommended to buy genuine parts to ensure long life and dependable performance. That goes same for vehicles that need critical part replacement. Nevertheless, if your need a simple part with a short shelf life to be replaced, after-market parts are most suitable irrespective of the age of your vehicle.

While basic truck parts are not costly to replace, it is the specialized parts that can actually break your average service budget. The most expensive parts to repair are:

  • Transmission
  • Cylinders
  • Suspensions
  • Pneumatic brakes
  • Hybrid batteries

You can confidently buy retreaded tyres as steel belted and non-steel belted radials and high performance tyres are retreaded with equal precision. The retreadability of the original tyre casing is greatly improved since all tyres are manufactured with crown piles.

Retreaded tyres can be driven at the legal speeds on the highways with no loss of comfort or safety as the adjustment degrees of retreaded tyres are the same as the new tyres. While it is not recommended to drive at high speeds, statistics reveal that tyre related accidents are generally caused by underinflated or bald tyres. Properly maintained tyres do not cause accidents, whether new or retreaded. .

FASTag can be recharged easily on Trukor either by keeping advance funds in the wallet or by linking it to the bank accounts on our platform. You can recharge with a minimum amount of Rs.100/- by making payment online through various modes. The recharge steps are provided with clear details on our mobile application. .

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish a world-class ecosystem for the trucking community that will make available a wide range of services under a single banner. We intend to digitize the after-sales trucking business in a multi-lingual application for the ease of understanding by the truck owners and drivers and make the transaction fulfilment by the touch of a button.


Any Questions?

While we tried our best to answer all important questions, connect with us should you feel questions related to your transactions are not covered. Send your queries to wecare@trukor.com.